Frequently Asked Questions

Group of students linking hands while creating hearts with their hands

Someone I care about needs professional support. Where can I go?

Reaching out is an important step to take and one that takes courage. A list of community organizations and resources is provided on our RESOURCES page under the sub-heading ADDITIONAL RESOURCES. We encourage you to connect with trusted adults and professionals in your life, (doctors, teachers, coaches, community leaders, etc.) as you navigate these resources. Take a deep breath. You can do this.

Why is your program called Project 11?

Project 11 is inspired and created in honour of #11, Rick Rypien, former player of the Winnipeg Jets and Manitoba Moose. It was his desire that young people would know that they aren’t alone in dealing with the challenges they face, that they’d learn positive coping strategies to deal with those challenges and that they would have a better understanding of mental health overall. Visit the Project 11 ABOUT page to learn more about Rick’s story and to watch TSN’s Believe in Ryp video. Please note that this video is most suited for a mature audience

Is the Project 11 curriculum available ‘en français’?

Oui! Project 11 lessons are available in both English and French from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Our Grades 9 to 12 curriculum pilot will also be available in both languages. Next, we hope to enhance the French programming with Intermissions and Mindful Moments in French as well!

Is Project 11 only available to classrooms in schools within Winnipeg, Manitoba?

Project 11 can be found in all school divisions and districts across Manitoba in well over 800 rural classrooms! With the addition of virtual training sessions, we continue to connect with more and more participants from rural communities throughout Manitoba. Project 11 is being delivered in classrooms outside the province too, in New Brunswick, Alberta, Minnesota, and even Australia!

Is Project 11 available to students past Grade 8? When will there be a high school curriculum?

Project 11 currently provides curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 8 in English and French. We are excited that our program is expanding with a province-wide High School curriculum pilot in fall of 2021!

Do I have to do the program during a certain time frame?

15 weeks was the timeframe used by Healthy Child Manitoba during the evaluation of our K-8 program pilot. Although 15 weeks remains the suggested timeline, know that it’s flexible and you can make Project 11 fit your busy schedule! Our high school pilot will work with a 10-week timeframe for evaluation purposes which is a reflection of the 10 lessons in each grade of our high school curriculum.

Do I have to do the lessons in order?

Although there is no need to follow the sequence that they are presented in, lessons are organized in a manner that facilitates delivery of the program. The order of the lessons is quite flexible although it’s worth noting that the Grades 5 and 6 lessons are divided into three themes with five lessons dedicated to each theme. Teachers should feel free to take advantage of those ‘teachable moments’ by choosing a lesson that speaks to the issues that may be occurring in the classroom as they happen.

My colleague would like to bring Project 11 to their classroom. How can they register for training? How much does training cost?

Teachers interested in bringing Project 11 to their classroom can create an account and register for the required training by simply completing the New Registrant Form on our website’s REGISTRATION page.

The 1 ½ hour virtual training sessions are generally held monthly, after our traditional week of training dates in October. We can also offer additional training dates at the request of schools or divisions.

Check out our REGISTRATION page anytime to see our current training schedule.

Thanks to generous community support, our virtual training sessions are available to all Manitoba teachers at no cost!

Do you have volunteer opportunities?

We do occasionally benefit from the help of volunteers. Opportunities are usually connected to special events and aren’t always predictable! If you’d like to add your name to our list of interested volunteers, please do so by contacting our team at .

How is Project 11 connected to the Winnipeg Jets and True North Sports + Entertainment?

Project 11 is a part of True North Sports and Entertainment, the Winnipeg Jets and Manitoba Moose, through it’s True North Youth Foundation, which is the charitable arm of the Winnipeg Jets. When you purchase a 50/50 Raffle ticket online or at Winnipeg Jets or Manitoba Moose home games, half of each pot goes to support the TNYF, funding programming that benefits local youth in Manitoba.

The True North family eagerly supports TNYF by doing things such as donating to the foundation as individuals, volunteering with any of its three core programs as well as offering special opportunities and experiences to students.

As a non-profit organization, TNYF also collaborates with external partners in business, government, education, and other sectors to reach more youth, more often in our community.