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Here you will find video tutorials of lessons for each of the grades you’ve requested access to. Each grade level includes 15 lessons (we suggest sharing one lesson per week) to support you in delivering some of the Health Education Specific Learning Outcomes to your students. In addition, we encourage you to explore our Intermissions and Mindful Moments as a way to complement the curriculum.

Project 11 is a program that aims to support students by providing positive mental health strategies and practices on a daily basis. The program uses concepts such as focusing the mind, increasing self-awareness and building positive relationships.

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Curriculum Focus

  • Build a sense of community and teamwork within the class
  • Increase students’ ability to relate and connect with one another
  • Increase awareness of students’ social, emotional and physical wellness
  • Create a stage of empathy and compassion among students
  • Enhance resiliency and positive coping abilities and along with that, academic performance

Several students sitting together with their arms around each other smiling