C’est la rentrée scolaire!

Yes, it’s true! Project 11 now offers programming from Kindergarten through High School in English and French!

We know that teachers are, not only to welcoming back their students, but also working to ease the way into another year of managing the challenge of a continuing pandemic.

No matter what is going on in the world around us, we recognize that getting back to classes brings a mix of emotions including excitement, apprehension and worry as students navigate new challenges. Having some tools and tips ready to use in those anxious moments can be a great help in smoothing the way for students throughout the school year.

Project 11 offers 15 lessons for each grade level, Kindergarten through Grade 8, with topics to explore and proactively equip students with strategies and practices to help them face the worries, stresses and challenges that life inevitably brings. New this year, we’ll be also offering 10 lessons for each of the Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Our High School Pilot is set to begin November 1st!

If you’re interested in accessing some supports to help bring those important conversations around mental health and wellness to your classroom, visit our Registration page and fill out the New Registrant form to sign up at no cost for one of our online training sessions this October!

If you’re joining us for another year, welcome back to Project 11! Please take a moment to visit our Registration page to complete the Returning Registrant form.

Bonne rentrée à tous!

Nous vous souhaitons une super année scolaire!

Supporting students and teachers in bringing mental health awareness along with positive coping skills into their lives.

Several students sitting together in a line having conversations with each other

Early Years


This testimonial video features early years students and staff from Bertrun E. Glavin School in Winnipeg, MB. Hear about how they’ve embraced Project 11 and learned about their feelings.

Sample Lesson

Middle Years


Enjoy our middle years testimonial video and hear from students and staff about the different elements of the program that have had an impact on their mental wellness habits.

Sample Lesson

High School

Join our 2021-2022 pilot!

If you are a high school teacher who is interested in being considered as a participant for our province-wide pilot this fall, please fill out the New Registrant form on our REGISTRATION page and indicate High School Pilot Fall 2021!

Project 11 High School curriculum coming soon Read More