Invitons une diversité de points de vue…

Let’s continue learning from others!

Look back, look forward and look around.

We did it! We made it through the challenges and excitement of another school year! What a great opportunity to see how far we’ve come.

Looking back might help you see how capable and resilient you are. Looking forward might bring some uncertainty but knowing that you’ve made it through 100% of your biggest days so far makes things hopeful (especially when you consider just how amazing you truly are)!

Looking around you can help too! Whose journey is on a similar path to yours? Who has already walked a similar path? Who has is going in another direction to chase their dreams? Whose path seems completely different? It might be interesting to check in those folks to hear about the struggles, challenges and excitement they are living. After all, understanding the experiences of others can often bring fresh thoughts and ideas, and provide us with a greater appreciation for our own story.

As we head into the summer and look forward to warmer days, we encourage you to get out there, connect with others in the community and gain another perspective. You just might come to realize that you really appreciate the view!

Nous comprenons mieux l’expérience humaine à travers divers points de vue.

Supporting students and teachers in bringing mental health awareness along with positive coping skills into their lives.

Several students sitting together in a line having conversations with each other

Early Years


This testimonial video features early years students and staff from Bertrun E. Glavin School in Winnipeg, MB. Hear about how they’ve embraced Project 11 and learned about their feelings.

Sample Lesson

Middle Years


Enjoy our middle years testimonial video and hear from students and staff about the different elements of the program that have had an impact on their mental wellness habits.

Sample Lesson

High School

High School pilot now complete!

If you are a high school teacher who is interested in delivering our Grades 9-12 curriculum, please fill out the New Registrant form on our REGISTRATION page!

Project 11 High School curriculum coming soon Read More