Community Wellness Wednesday

Hello Project 11 Ambassadors!

WJTNF would like to invite you and your class to celebrate Project 11’s 1st Annual Celebration Day called Community Wellness Wednesday (CWW) on May 27th with us!
Throughout Project 11, we have all learned about the benefits of incorporating healthy lifestyle practices in our lives. So on this day we would like end our program by celebrating and putting what we’ve learned into action. Here are some ways that you could get involved with our CWW with your class:

  • Help out in your school gym, library, music room, etc.
  • Clean up the school yard/community!
  • Help out in your school canteen or kitchen (cleaning, sorting, organizing, preparing etc)!
  • Help out other teachers in their classrooms!
  • Read with younger students!
  • Plant flowers at the senior centre!
  • Rake the local park!
  • Rake the school grounds, sweeping, etc.
  • Gather your old toys and clothing and donate them to your local homeless shelter.
  • Put on a cheerful puppet show for sick hospitalized children
  • Organize a dog and cat food drive for your local animal shelter.
  • Spending a day together with your peers will boost your self-esteem.
  • Understanding your community’s needs, helps foster empathy and self-efficiency.
  • Volunteering enriches your life by strengthening your community to make it a better place to live in.
  • It provides leadership opportunities to give back to your community and gain a sense of belonging.
  • It brings people together from diverse backgrounds to work toward a common goal (teamwork).
  • It is an incredibly rewarding experience where you can have fun and try something new!

Some of you might be wondering, why would I volunteer to do something for a Wellness Wednesday? And our answer is: Helping others, in turn helps us too!

We would love to share what you’ve done with your Community Wellness Wednesday with others and spread your good news too! So please send us pictures to post on our website under the “Highlights” link or the WJTNF Facebook page! We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Thanks again for piloting Project 11!

Take care,
Your Project 11 team!